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HEPWORTH PURA d/b/a Highline Brands NY (the “Company”) is committed to customer service and satisfaction while ensuring the highest quality products in compliance with New York’s Adult-Use cannabis laws and regulations. This policy outlines the conditions under which cannabis products can be returned from retailers to the Company.

Please contact the Company for any returns.  All returns (except products rejected at the time of delivery) require prior approval by the Company.

Wrong Item Rejection

Products that are incorrectly delivered and rejected at delivery must be documented and returned immediately with an amended Transfer Manifest.  The Company will ONLY accept wrong item returns identified at delivery and returned with a corrected counter-signed Transfer Manifest on THE DAY OF DELIVERY.

The Company will accept any items found to be out of compliance with the packaging and labeling requirements of the New York Adult Use laws and regulations.

Expired Product Returns Policy

The Company will only accept expiration returns for items delivered to the retailer within sixty (60) days of the expiration date, and the Company will only accept expiration returns no less than seventy-two (72) hours before the expiration date.  (All required documentation and return conditions apply.)

Consumer Return Policy

Retailers wishing to receive a credit from the Company for a customer return of cannabis products must adhere to the following procedures and conditions:

Required Documentation:

  1. Customer Return Form
  2. Photo of original packaging and labeling.
  3. Original Invoice or  Sales Order if the Company has not issued an invoice.
  4. Copy of Original Transfer Manifest.
  5. New Transfer Manifest for return. 

Return Conditions.

All returned items must meet the following minimum standards:

  1. Original Packaging.  All products have their complete, unaltered, original labeling and packaging. RETURN REQUESTS MUST INCLUDE A PHOTO OF THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND LABELING.
  2. Product Integrity.  All product returns from consumers must contain at least 80% of the original product amount by weight to be eligible for return.
  3. Pre-authorization: The new transfer manifest and Customer Return Form must be emailed to the Company and acknowledged by the Company for pre-authorization before the physical transfer of products.


Any exceptions to this policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Retailers must provide a detailed explanation for the exception request, which will be considered by the Company’s customer service and compliance teams.

Please contact Hepworth Pura LLC with any inquiries or for further clarification.


Hepworth Pura LLC D/B/A Highline Brands NY

Matt Faughnan, Director of Sales

Tyler Jenson